Aromatic Massage (1 Hour Service)

A Full Body Massage, with essential oil to relax and rejuvenate the body senses. You have a choice for a Steam Bath before or after your massage.

Stress Cure Massage (1 Hour Service)

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage, with therapeutic oils which will help you to release tensed muscles and circulation of blood. A relaxing Steam Bath will follow your massage.

Mother Care Massage (1 Hour Service)

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care; it is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Choose from a selection of vanilla or rosemary essential oils to relax your comfort, body, mind and soul.

Four-Hands Massage (1 Hour Service)

A twin masseurs massage, our specialty, with extreme relaxation of the body, of four hand massage.

Hot Stone Massage (1 Hour Service)

A therapeutic treatment with black stones, warmed in a hot pot and a place on pressure points. You have a choice of aromatherapy or deep tissue massage with the stones to relieve muscle tension and pain.

Indian Head Oil Massage (30 Minutes Service)

TheĀ Indian head massage, also known by the portmanteau “champissage”. This is a massage on which we focus on intellect system of the body to give instant relaxation and renewed body function.

Full Leg Massage (45 Minutes Service)

Legs carry the weight of the body, mostly tensed, this is for a very active client. We ensure a slow intense technique for on the spot ease of the muscles.

Foot Massage (30 Minutes Service)

Reflexology: This is an ancient technique used to impact other parts the body from the souls of the feet.

Back Massage (45 Minutes Service)

This is the centralized massage that gives ultimate relaxation to every client. This massage is done from the lower back to the head, addressing each crucial point of your back to ensure the feel of relief and relaxation upon completion.